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Dating for the single Black woman is an “uphill battle,” and you’re given “an uneven playing field.” And if you’re thinking about marrying a Black man, then think again because your prospects are even more dire.

They would also have you believe that you are not as desired as women of other ethnicities.

Andrews's life appears charmed: The film rights for her memoir, "Bitch Is the New Black," a satirical look at successful young black women living in Washington, were purchased before the book was finished. "When people think about black women, they have only one adjective for us, which is 'strong,' " Andrews says.

Shonda Rhimes, the executive producer of "Grey's Anatomy," is set to produce the film and Andrews will write the screenplay. "The girl you see walking down the street looks like she has it all together," but she may not.

They would have you believe that if you’re a single Black woman, particularly a “successful” single Black woman, looking for a single Black man, then girl, your pickings are slim.

I immediately thought that perhaps the Obamas were the catalyst.

With the inauguration of America’s first African-American President, we suddenly had a strong, loving Black family on the world’s stage.

Women living with disabilities, of varying sexual orientations and identities, and other minority women.

The intersection of multiple identities creates a burden of allegiance, deeming it necessary for these women to ask themselves, “Which part of me is most important today?

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