Who is jessica lange dating

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Who is jessica lange dating

But on another level, you can be responsible and you can control what you will talk about and what you won't talk about.

Either you live your life in a very private way or you don't, and I never have done that—ever—and I won't do it going forward.

Both were born to volatile, alcoholic fathers, though Shepard’s relationship to his was doubtless more troubled.

(His most famous plays — all center on fractured families, dominated by drunken, often violent patriarchs.) They were both wild in their twenties.

See, celebs really can keep secrets if they put their minds to it.

Both married early — she to Paco Grande in 1970, when she was 21; he to O-Lan Jones in 1963, when he was 26 and the bride was 19 — and then divorced.The actress and the actor-playwright each have a child from previous relationships, as well.Most recently, Lange has been stealing scenes in , her role as creepy neighbor Constance earning her shots at both a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe in 2012.The Oscar-winning actresses rocked contrasting outfits to the red carpet event Wednesday night.Lange, 67, stars as Joan Crawford and Sarandon, 70, plays Bette Davis in the limited series that tells the story of one of the most infamous and bitterest rivalries in Hollywood movie-making history.

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