Nishiki sugino bike dating

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Nishiki sugino bike dating

So many great bikes and Riders, Stu Thomsen, John Crews and soo many more.

Started by Linn Kastan, the first chromoly forks, handlebars and many other innovations.

The large sprockets of some Sun Tour freewheels also sometimes had teeth alternately bent slightly toward the left and right, to aid in chain pickup.

It was possible (and not unheard-of) to assemble Sun Tour freewheels with some of the sprockets backwards, markedly degrading shifting performance.

-- John Allen] Japanese bicycles are often of very fine quality, but few are available in the U. market today, due to unfavorable currency exchange rates. market for adult bicycles was basically owned by the French and English.

There are still many very fine Japanese bicycles available on the used market, and this article is intended as a guide to them. While Japanese bicycles were manufactured to very tight tolerances, and nicely finished (considerably better than their European competition), the Japanese had not yet come to terms with the average American's being taller and heavier than the average Japanese.

This provided a sharper outside corner of each tooth for better chain pickup, and the slant helped the chain slide down sideways into good engagement if it was tending to run along the tops of the teeth.

On a vintage bike in excellent condition (that apparently had a lonely existence in a garage) all of the components likely are original.

In the early '70s, Sun Tour freewheels were a revolutionary development, markedly superior to their European competition (Atom, Cyclo, Everest, Regina etc.) Sun Tour freewheels provided much better shifting than older designs due to the superior design of the sprocket teeth.

The tops of the teeth were not squared flat or grooved, as with older designs, but were asymmetrical, with a slant inward.

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Also see Frank Berto's article "Sunset for Sun Tour" -- highly recommended.

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Univega was headquartered in the United States with bicycles made in Italy and then Japan.