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Datinghype org

The San Francisco Bay Area, by media accounts, was a bachelorette's dream – "The Valley of the Guys." Palo Alto boasted 36 percent more men than women.

Magazines and Internet sites profiled male tech magnates in all their Palm-Pilot splendor, inviting women to drool over "Hunks of the Web."But when the dotcom bubble deflated, hot air left the singles scene, too.

Anyway, I’m going small this year with the gifts.” “Well, I need to get Todd something, and I have no idea what to get and how much to spend.” “It will be near impossible to make a rational decision fighting the hordes half-asleep.” “You’re right. Although I still think the best gifts are the ones you give throughout the year “just because,” not just it’s expected of you. Until you come to an understanding about gift-giving patterns and expectations — is he a big-gift giver or a non-gift guy? I’ve made CD compilations in the past, but that’s not OK for everyone and might be considered cheap early on in a relationship.

Does he have a sense of who you are or did he buy you something some salesperson talked him into? Plus, all that’s changed now because of technology.

They sent me these amazing looking high tops with a funky bookish print. They're so hip, so colorful and also so comfortable, I really enjoy wearing them!

Groovebags is a great new(ish) website that offers shoes, bags and socks with unique prints on them.

How many hat and scarf sets or leather gloves does a guy need?

been detaching from some commitments, thus my lack of an appearance here for the past few weeks, as you’ve probably noticed. Luckily it’s a new year, and while I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, I have made a promise to be a better Kat than I have been (no, not way; I’ll still be a naughty kitty!

Accept who you are and what you have and leave perfection behind. ©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women Today’s Affirmation: I see beauty when I look in the mirror.

Every woman has her own self-proclaimed list of flaws. Did you know the more you focus on your flaws the less you see your perfections? Why not consider your positive attributes – your perfect lips, your beautiful eyes, your shiny hair, and your fantastic smile?

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