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Driscoll on dating

Service is done knowing that God is watching and approving whether or not anyone else is.

Performance causes us to be enslaved to others’ opinions, unable to say no, and prone to being overworked.

With The Bible, primarily the Old Testament book of Song of Solomon as Pastor Mark's guide, he will teach us with humor, candidness and grace, God's design for Love, Dating, Marriage and Sexuality. Any questions about the materials or the purchasing process should be directed back to this third-party website.

Love Life events are designed for anyone 16 years or older, both married and single.

Naturally, it also reinforces his views of manhood and womanhood.

In the sermon, he categorizes Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz all as “singles” and uses the book of Ruth as a jumping off point to advise singles about dating and sexual purity and to coach single women to look for a man like Boaz whose qualifications pass muster—he “loves God and has a job.” What did surprise me was his unabashed, effusive description of Ruth as a “Cinderella story.” At least on this point, I think Driscoll got it right. The label “Cinderella” is an open admission that there’s a problem with this view.

Nothing more comes of it until Naomi gives the hesitant lovers the nudge they need, offering Ruth what Driscoll considers very bad and morally questionable counsel.

“Performance is done for the sight and approval of others.

He recounted one time when the couple was in El Paso, Texas.

He said Driscoll left in camouflage gear only to return later wearing a trench coat over an evening gown covered with blood.

God's direct teaching on this subject will be convicting where needed, full of grace and forgiveness, and filled with tons of practical advice straight from the Giver of Love and Romance, God Himself.

Some mornings, I don’t need coffee to jolt me awake. The tweet that did it recently came from a friend who, with a simple “ahem,” forwarded a Mark Driscoll tweet to me.

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The link took me to a video from the series entitled, Ruth—Redeeming Romance.